Li-Ning No.7 Durable Badminton String

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Sku: AXJJ014
Color: Yellow; Pink; Blue; Gold; Purple; Black; White
Materials: Nylon
Diameter: 0.70mm
Length: 10m/33feel
Tailor-Made for China National Badminton Team (Including: Cai Yun; Li Xuerui; Wang xiaoli)
Condition:100% Authentic & Brand New

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Li-Ning No.7 badminton team is China National Badmtion Team string, which is designed for super durability.
1. Using heat-resistant & high intensity fabric for both inner and outer to make it super durable.
2. Li-Ning's unique Deep-Re-Dipping technology improves the durability dramatically and prevents tension loosing at the same time.
3. Li-Ning's special hit-absorbing coating provides fantastic hitting feeling.

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