Li-Ning No.5 Balanced Badminton String

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Sku: AXJJ006
Color: White; Yellow; Red; Purple; Gold
Materials: Nylon
Diameter: 0.69mm
Length: 10m/33feel
Tailor-Made for China National Badminton Team (Including: Fu Haifeng; Zhang Nan; Du Pengyu)
Condition:100% Authentic & Brand New

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Li-Ning No.5 badminton team is China National Badmtion Team string, which is designed for balanced performance.
1. Titanium Hydride Coating ensures the durability and improve the repulsion power at the same time.
2. Using heat-resistant & high intensity nylon fiber for the core and the braiding layer, working with Li-Ning unique technology Multi-rotation Braiding, to make a perfect combination of replulsion power and durability.
3. Hard hitting feeling.

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