Li-Ning N9 II Badminton Racket | LiNing 2017 Sudiman Cup Fu Haifeng Racquet

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Model: Li-Ning Turbo Charging Badminton Racket
Sku: AYPL178-1
Color: Black/Blue
Weight: (3u/w3) 85-89 grams
Grip: 200cm Extra Small 3 1/8"
Overall Length: 675mm
Grip Length: 200mm
Balance Point: 298mm
Flex: Soft
Tension: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs
Inluded: Badminton Racket Cover
100% Authentic

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This 2017 new N9 II badminton racket is tailor-made for Fu Haifeng in 2017 Sudiman cup. The racquet is from Mega Power series with latest new Li Ning Turbo Charging technology, so it is nice for powerful badminton player with offensive built.

Technology of Li-Ning Mega Power TurboCharging N9 II Fu Haifeng Badminton Rackets including:
The highly popular and innovative TurboCharging aerodynamic badminton racket frame design increases swing speed by 3% resulting in increased smash speeds by an amazing 3.5%!
All-round optimized design improves racket mechanical structure for more efficient attack and defense system.
Apart from further increase of sweet point based on isometric frame, the sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe drop shot and a dropping strength that bursts in a blink. The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.
Aerotec-Beam System
With support of advanced calculation system, the rackets are made with extreme low air resistance and thigh intensity to enable the players’ performance in various ways.
The rackets fit into different players are all resulted from aerodynamic design. Through unrelenting tests, and the strategies that targeted at different playing, the supportive data is accumulated, LiNing beam system is thus established.
High-tech light shock-absorption materials filled in racket frames, improving smash performance and avoiding injuries from movements. HDF shock-absorption materials, which was filled in the racket frames, are developed by using advanced technology, with strong capabilities of shock absorption to reduce the load to the wrist and arm caused by shooting. Motional injuries could thus be effectively avoided without compromising player’s perfect performance. This new-generation material is light in weight and flexible to play.
This patented state-of-the-art badminton racket shaft technology improves flexibility and enhances the overall control and feel of the racket. Bio-Inner-Cone technology is a flagship technology that can be found on numerous high end Li-Ning badminton rackets.
This feature implements a highly elastic design that is built into the badminton racket frame to reduce torsional forces caused by hitting outside of the sweet spot. The Stabilized Torsion Angle greatly improves accuracy and consistency with each and every swing.
The application of nanometer technology upgrades the rackets’ manufacturing process in an all-round way and thus breaks the limit in hitting intensity.
A stable, fine and tenacious racket will ensure stronger hits for its player. The original LiNing TB Nano material science and technology makes it possible. The enhanced NANO technology bonds the carbon fibers and resin to an unprecedented level with natural perfection. The an ideal racket is here with 20% strength increased.

Li-Ning N9 II Badminton Racket
Li-Ning N9 II Badminton Racket
Li-Ning N9 II Badminton Racket
Li-Ning N9 II Badminton Racket
Li-Ning N9 II Badminton Racket

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